Online Schools

Learning the craft of astrology

  • You learn directly with Bernadette Brady or Darrelyn Gunzburg who have h many years of astrological experience. 
  • The Online Schools are focuses on different astrological techniques. Schools are run over four or six weeks and the lectures are live, online, and on a weekday late afternoon (UK time). 
  • The lectures are recorded and you have access to them so you can catch up and review the lectures for up to eight weeks after the School finishes. 
  • You can engage in a special forum to discuss the lectures with other students. 
  • You can gain a Certificate of Completion at the end of a School

The Online School format is designed to
help you learn particular skills that you can apply immediately to your astrology.

The Online Schools' Format

Online Community 

Upon enrolment in your chosen School you will be sent all the details and be able to log into the Astro Logos Learning Centre a few days before the first lecture. This is where the recordings will be uploaded and they will be available for you to revisit or watch if you cannot make the live session. To keep you moving along and working with the craft of the topic, you will meet fellow students on a special forum. Here you can upload charts and talk about particular points from the lecture. We will  keep an eye on the forum, add comments to questions, but will not necessary comment on every post.

The Lectures 

Each  School runs over a four week period and the lectures are held on a week day from  4:00 pm – 5:30 pm UK time.  There will be a one hour lecture and then 30 minutes are set aside for your questions.  If you miss a lecture you will be able to catch up with the recordings. 

The Schools are sometimes designed to follow one another and thus the information taught on one school will be built upon in the next. All schools are also available as Catch Up options – so you can come in to one and decide, to also catch up on an earlier school gaining access to all the materials and lectures. 

What our students say...

Below is a collection of some comments by astrologers about their experience of attending a the Summer Schools 2020 . All of the astrologers below have kindly given their permission for us to use their comments on the web, so that you hear the voices of fellow astrologers who have gained from attending an Astro Logos’ online courses 

The Progression and Transit Summer Schools are marvelously-informative and so practical. I have learned more useful techniques in 3 weeks than I have in 4 years of study!  Thank you so much!
Susan R.
New Jersey, USA

Your Transits course is fantastic. To say that I love it is an understatement. I am amazed not only how much information you cover in such a short period of time, but also in how immediately accessible the lessons are. I am able to use, apply, and interpret far more than I ever imagined from these brief lessons. Your understanding, your teaching methods, your explanations are beautiful. I know you know this, but I still want to recognize it and express my gratitude for it.

Greg K.
California, USA
I've been studying with for a couple of years now (I'm working on my getting my qualifications), but felt that I was missing something. After finding your lectures, and getting stuck into them, I find that your teachings bring a humanity and real-world application to interpretation that will make me a far better astrologer (eventually)! There's a care and empathy to your approach that I really
Sydney, Australia
I love these Summer Schools. What I find so helpful is that I can go into the Learning Centre (which is brilliant) can just play the lectures again and a again. Then if I get questions I can ask them in the forums, so I do not get stuck on a point, if you know what I mean! Thank you so much, my astrology is leaping ahead as you make things so clear !
Michael B.

The current Online Schools


Grand Aspect Patterns: Compelling Narratives 

Tutor: Darrelyn Gunzburg

Timetable – Wednesday 

Live and also Recorded:
This School will be running again in the second half of the year. 

A natal chart can contain compelling dynamics which are represented as grand aspect patterns. This school focuses on the Grand Cross, the Grand Trine and Kite, the Yod and focused Yod and the Mystic Rectangle over the course of four weeks.  



Star School  

Tutor: Bernadette Brady

This school is scheduled for the winter of 2021 starting in early January 2021. It will be a six week school and it will focusing on different groups of stars each week.  The school runs form the 6 January to 10 February 2021. 

Bernadette is considered one of the world authorities on stars through her books and software.  The school will also be working with Starlight – the software designed to work with stars in astrology – and part of the support material will be ‘how to’ video’s working with Starlight

The Star School will add the stars to your astrology adding both a depth and a breathe to not only your natal work but it will reconnect you to the sky.  



Reading Charts: Seeing the Story  

Tutor: Darrelyn Gunzburg

Timetable – Wednesday 

This School will be running again in the second half of the year.  

Every natal chart you look at is different, yet every chart uses the same basic materials of houses, planets and aspects. Knowing the meanings of these parts, however, is not the same as seeing the stories in the chart. This course teaches you how to see the stories.  

You can enrol and catch up on all of these lectures until 31 January 2021. 



Medieval Tools for Today’s Astrologer

Tutor: Bernadette Brady

This Online School in Medieval astrology tools teaches you four key tools that can be incorporated into your modern astrological work. These are the tools that Bernadette Brady has found the most useful in her own work as an astrologer.  

This School will be running again in the second half of the year. 




Secondary Progressions

Tutor: Bernadette Brady

This School will be running again in the second half of the year. 

The lectures will cover the role of the progressed Moon as it moves through your chart, and the movement of the progressed Sun as one of the big life indicators of change. Added to this, we look at the remarkable tool of the Secondary Progressed Lunar phases – one of the most important tools the astrology has that allows you to understand the flow of a person’s life, and its ups and downs. We will also look at the progressed planets as they change sign or house and makes aspects.




Time Maps 

Tutor: Bernadette Brady 

This School will be running again in the second half of the year. 

Linking progressions to transits to build a map of the future time. 

Drawing up the map is where you learn to map out the future so that you can blend progressions with transits. Building an overview of the big picture of the person’s life allows you to zoom in to look at a particular year in the context of that life overview. Understanding how a transit is changed by the secondary progressed lunar phase and the aspects of the progressed Moon shows you the quality of the year. 


If you are not able to join us for these School but want to be kept notified of future Schools,
 then please email us using the link below! 

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