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Bernadette Brady’s personal web site: 

Darrelyn Gunzburg’s personal web site:

Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture

Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg are lectures and tutors in the MA programme in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.


Businesses which have association with Astro Logos

Astrodienst: A stunning site from which you can purchase astrological reports focused on you and the stars – Stories from the Stars. Also many other reports written by Liz Greene. Astrodienst is a treasure trove of astrological information and well worth your visit. http://www.astro.com

Astrology Shop Online: News, articles, lunar phase calendars, books, videos. The Astrology Shop in Covent Gardens, London, is a retail outlet for the CPA and Astro Logos Master class series of Studyshops.http://www.astrology.co.uk

Software which contains Bernadette Brady's astrological concepts


Starlight is a virtuoso software program for helping you discover the sky, the myths and the meanings of Fixed Stars. Authored by Bernadette Brady and Barnswood Ltd, Starlight will produce a full Fixed Star Report (10-15 pages of the meanings of each star in your chart in combination with your planets).

Other astrology programs can give you normal charting techniques but only Starlight can enable you to see a parapegma, the phase of a star, the time of first visibility of a star, paran options, star meanings, the image of the sky on the day you were born, and what stars make up the foundations of your life. Starlight is a completely new and unique concept in the world of astrological programs. Astrologers are heralding Starlight as being an astrological revolution! Visit the web site for a look at this remarkable program.


JigSaw ver.2

JigSaw ver.2 is a powerful astrological research tool designed to reveal the “big picture” in any group of charts. Authored by Bernadette Brady and Esoteric Technologies, JigSaw v.2 is divided into three sections:

  • Rectification – the quick way to explore possible birth times.
  • Family Patterns – full written reports of 10 pages or more on what makes your family or group tick. Written by Bernadette Brady.
  • Research – a powerful astrological research tool.

Each section is composed of a distinct and different set of tools created for examining the astrological relationships between people and life. If you have ever wanted to research anything, look at the astrology of a group of people or rectify a birth time, Jigsaw is the software designed for you. Not for the beginner but definitely a must for any thinking astrologer.

Crucial Astro Tools, (UK)

Esoteric Technologies (Australia)

Astrolabe (USA)

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