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Reading Charts: Seeing the Story

The aim of this New Online School is to engage you with the vital astrological tool of reading whole charts through working with story! 


Reading Charts: Seeing the Story provides you with an in-depth focus on the role of story in reading natal charts. 

Looking at a whole chart can be overwhelming: where you do begin? How do you proceed? Even completing a natal chart consultation can be daunting.

Yet charts are a reflection of how we live our lives and we live our lives in story. There are many stories that live in a chart and this course will show you how to start to see the characters and then build the story that lives in a chart.  

You can also add to this Autumn school with our Foundations of Chart Reading course. 






Dates: TBA

This school will run again in the second half of the year. 

Attending the Summer School 

You attend the Online School online from your own computer – PC or MAC, or you can use your iPhone or iPad. We use Zoom, which is a special service which enables us to all see and hear each other while also being able to share Power Points, white boards, and chat boxes. Two days before each lecture you will be emailed a special link to enable you to come to the lecture. 

Your Tutor

The main tutor for this master class is Darrelyn Gunzburg, author of AstroGraphology and Grief, a Dark Sacred Time. Both of these books consider our lives as stories, seeing the stories of our chart in our handwriting and making changes through the shapes of the letters we write to improve the quality of  aspects in outr charts, and and the value of speaking our story when we are in grief as a healing process. 

The Astro Logos Learning Centre 

We use Moodle as our course platform and several days before the Online School starts you will be sent your unique login that enables you to enter our Learning Centre. This is where you gain access to extra material, all the recordings of the lectures, plus a forum where you can discuss any questions, charts or comments with your fellow Online School attendees. Darrelyn will watch the forum and add comments or help where it could be useful. 


The lectures of the Online School will be recorded. The videos will be available to you for up to a four weeks after the Online School finishes, so you will be able to revise or, if you miss a lecture, you will be able to catch up. You access these recordings in the Astro Logos Learning Centre. 

Skill Level

You will be expected to have a basic working knowledge of astrology. 


The Lectures 

The Online School has four online live sessions with Darrelyn Gunzburg where she will present a 60 minute lecture, followed by a 30 minute Q & A session. 

The Programme (subject to small alterations)
Week 1 –  A focus on story, what it is, how it makes itself known to us, and how we find it in a chart. This week we will focus on the story within a single aspect so you can see how it works bringing together parts to whole: the story in a conjunction, square, opposition, and T-Square.
Week 2 – A focus on two aspects and the complex story they create between them. 
Week 3 –  A focus on the 3-5 stories with which a person juggles and then how to begin looking at where and how you might begin discussing these stories.

Week 4 – This week we will focus fully on whole charts and the stories they carry. 

Additional Material

Through the Astro Logos Learning Centre you will also be supplied with additional supporting material, if necessary. This additional material will be in the form either of extra lectures or PDFs. 

All students that engage with the Online School will, upon request, be issued with a Certificate of Completion from Astro Logos UK. 

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your registration and get a full refund to the Online School if you you do so before we send you your login to the Astro Logos Learning Centre, which happens two days before the first Online School lecture. This refund will be in full, back to the credit card you have used for your initial payment. No refunds will be offered once we have sent you your login details.

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