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Time Maps

The aim of this School is to teach you how to build and read a Time Map, an astrological tool that allows you to see the narrative or story of your life.   
This is a unique approach to predictive astrology!  

This unique School is focused on teaching you how to draw up and read a Time Map – the blending of Transits with Secondary Progressions.  

As individuals we do not experience life as a series of separate events. Rather, we live our life in story or narrative. A Time Map focuses this idea of narrative, the narrative that is created astrologically by the blending of transits with progressions and larger cycles in your life.    

By bringing all of these astrological tools together we allow the narrative to be revealed. The tool to achieve this result is the Time Map.  





Attending the School 

You attend the School online from your own computer – PC or MAC, or you can use your iPhone or iPad. We use Zoom which is a special service which enables us to all see and hear each other while also being able to share Power Points, white boards, and chat boxes. Two days before each lecture you will be emailed a special link to enable you to come to the lecture.  At the moment this school is in Catch Up so once you enrol you gain access to all the lectures, handouts and forums. 

Your Tutor

The main tutor for this master class is Bernadette Brady, author of Predictive Astrology, the Eagle and the Lark. This award winning book is considered to be one of the central books for learning predictive astrology and Bernadette will use it as the key text of the Summer School. 

The Astro Logos Learning Centre 

We use Moodle as our course platform and several days before the Summer School starts you will be sent your unique login to our Learning Centre. This is where you gain access to extra material, all the recordings of the lectures, plus a forum where you can discuss charts and ask questions with your fellow Summer School attendees.  Bernadette will watch the forum and add comments or help where it could be useful. 

Skill Level

You will be expected to have a working basic knowledge of Secondary Progressions (we will be building on the material from the earlier Summer School on Progressions). Additionally we will be working with Transits.  

We will be using the astrological software, Solar Fire for all the progression calculations and progressed lunar phases and there will be instruction videos in the Astro Logos Learning Centre.

Special Note: Astro Logos has arranged that you can, if you wish, buy Solar Fire at a discount if you have registered for the Summer School. In the UK it is available through Crucial Astro Tools  while for people in the USA Solar Fire is available through Astrolabe. When you enrol for the Summer School Bernadette will give you a special discount code when ordering Solar Fire from them which will give you a 15% discount if used by end of August. 

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your registration and get a full refund to the Summer School if you do so before we send you your login to the Astro Logos Learning Centre, which happens two days before the first Summer School lecture.  This refund will be in full, back to the credit card you have used for your initial payment. No refunds can be offered once we have sent you your login details.  

The Lectures 

The School has four  sessions with Bernadette Brady where she will present a 60 minutes lecture followed by a 30 minute session of questions. 

The Programme (subject to small alterations)
Week 1 –  Creating a Time Map using both Progressions and Transits, and considering orbs, colours, and layout. She will give a brief recap of understanding transits through the houses in your natal chart. This will be followed by a 30 min Q & A on Time Maps and their components. 
Week 2 –  Blending the Lunar progressions and progressed planet aspects with the events indicated by the transits. We will look at the idea of incoming and outgoing levels of intensity of a progressions. This will be followed by a 30 min Q & A on blending progressions and transits.
Week 3 –  Adding the seasons of a person’s life – the Secondary Progressed Lunar phase – to the Time Map and its impact on how the individual transits are understood.  This will be followed by a 30 min Q & A on the secondary progressed lunar phase and time maps. 
Week 4 –  A  focus on the whole time map with case studies of current as well as historical figures. This is where the whole map can be seen as the central tool for working with the future. This will be followed by a 30 min Q & A on the case studies or general questions on time maps. 

Additional Material
Through the Astro Logos Learning Centre you will also be supplied with additional supporting material, such as how to use Solar Fire (astrological software) to calculate progressions, and work out progressed cycles like the progressed Lunar phases.  This additional material will be in the form either of extra lectures or PDFs. 


The lectures of the School will be recorded. The videos will be available to you until 31 December 2020 and you are able to watch them as often as you wish, plus download all the supporting PDFs.  


Students that engage with the Summer School, upon request,  will be issued with a Certificate of Completion from Astro Logos UK. 

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