Jigsaw Software Tutorials

Jigsaw is the Astrological Research Software

JigSaw ver.2 is a powerful astrological research tool designed to reveal the “big picture” in any group of charts. Authored by Bernadette Brady and Esoteric Technologies, JigSaw v.2 is divided into three sections:

  • Rectification – the quick way to explore possible birth times.
  • Family Patterns – This finds family patterns and produces a full written reports of 10 pages or more on what makes your family or group tick. Written by Bernadette Brady. This module is also a pattern finding research tool. 
  • Research – a powerful astrological research tool.

Each section is composed of a distinct and different set of tools created for examining the astrological relationships between people and life. If you have ever wanted to research anything, look at the astrology of a group of people or rectify a birth time, Jigsaw is the software designed for you. Not for the beginner but definitely a must for any thinking astrologer. It is available from the following companies:

Crucial Astro Tools, (UK)

Esoteric Technologies (Australia)

Astrolabe (USA)

There are 13 tutorials that step you through all the different features of conducting astrological research using Jigsaw. These tutorials are included in the software but have been converted from Flash and thus placed here for people to have access to the newer format

The first tutorial (LEFT) is Tutorial 1 – Entering Data into Jigsaw. 

The Family or Pattern Finding Module in Jigsaw - Three Tutorials

The Rectification Module in Jigsaw

The Research Module in Jigsaw

Tutorial 1: Tabulate and Graph features.
Tutorial 2 : Adding Extra Points to your research questions.
Tutorial 3: the Almuten Editor

Tutorial 4: The Arabic Parts (Lots) Editor
Tutorial 5: Generating Test Data
Tutorial 6: Criteria Searches and Filtering Data Records. 

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