Master Class

Meeting Mercury - Engaging with Venus

The aim of these two Masterclasses is deepen your understanding of Mercury and Venus. These two planets are the personal inner planets and are both linked to how we think (Mercury) and our passions (Venus).        

Your Mercury and its aspects reflects your approach to all levels of your communication and thinking.  Its chart position and aspects will describe whether you ponder and worry or rush into quick decisions or somewhere in-between. It also indicates what takes your interest and how you like to engage with others.  In this class we will follow Mercury through all charts ‘in the room’ to explore its expression in each person’s life.    

The second masterclass is focused on Venus, your passions and how you socialise. Your Venus in your chart will reflect your desires, your sensual needs and your value systems, even what colours you like. We will look at everyone’s Venus and its aspects to help you understand this enchanting but also bewitching planet. 




Dates – Mercury




Dates – Venus


Attending the Master Class

You attend the Master Class online from your own computer – PC or MAC, or you can use your iPhone or iPad. We use Zoom which is a special service which enables us to all see and hear each other while also being able to share Power Points, white boards and chat boxes. Once you register for a class we will send you information and the link – the key – to the seminar room.

Your Tutor

The main tutor for this master class is Bernadette Brady.

Skill Level

You will need to have knowledge of how to read a chart.

Recordings and PowerPoint Presentations:

The Master Classes are recorded – sound, video and Power Points – but these recordings are ONLY made available to those who attend as we will be working with people’s birth charts. Also you will also be emailed the Power Point presentations before the Master Class so that you can print them out and make notes as you go.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your registration up to a month before the date of the Master Class. Such cancellations will be refunded in full, back to the credit card you have used for your initial payement. If, however, you have to miss your Master Class we can emailed you the link to the recording if you wish. Please note recordings will only be made available for people who have registered for the Master Class and either have been unable to attend or for some reason have problems accessing the web. 

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