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Darrelyn Gunzburg

Darrelyn has been a professional consulting astrologer since 1988. She uses medieval predictive techniques, along with Visual Astrology. Her specialism in predictive work is working with clients in grief.

The consultation process

There is usually a 3 to 4 week waiting list for consultations and Darrelyn will contact you to let you know the time for when your consultation has been scheduled. Please note Darrelyn only accepts clients over the age of 25 years old. It is also most important that you go to the trouble of emailing, along with your booking, a little information about yourself and what the issue are as to why you are seeking a consultation. She also does not accept bookings made on behalf of other people.


  1. Book a consultation through the website. – Please note that if she feels that she cannot help you, she reserves the right to decline your booking in which event you will receive a full refund of your fee.
  2. She will acknowledge your email, check your birth data and ask you any further questions as necessary and let you know the timeline for sending you the completed consultation. This is your chance to add additional information and questions.
  3. She will record the consultation digitally which will last around 60 minutes or you can arrange a Skype session. She will send the MP3 sound files and PDFs of the paperwork to you via a Drop Box. She will keep a back-up of your work and until I know you have downloaded it, that will mean that once you have downloaded the sound file you will have the only copy of your consultation.
  4. You are always welcome to send feedback but please be aware that she is unavailable for further questions based on your reading. However, most clients find that their questions are answered by relistening to the audio recording a few days’ later.

Types of consultation

Visual Astrology and Fixed Stars Consultation

60 minute consultation – £175

A Visual Astrology consultation takes the sky patterns, constellations and the ancient myths contained within the fixed stars at the moment of your birth and weaves them into the story of your natal chart to give you the big picture narrative.

Using the sky maps for the moment of your birth, Darrelyn walks you through the distinctive patterns and relationships seen in the heavens at the time you were born and marries them with the great themes and issues of your natal chart. She also incorporates the fixed star parans which sit underneath the natal chart which flesh out these threads and concerns to give added insight and ways of handling these key motifs. If you have ever wondered how an individual aspect is working in your chart or why a particular planetary combination is so stressful or difficult for you, then the fixed stars linked with this combination can give you a new perspective.

Predictive Consultation- Life and Patterns

60 minute consultation – £175

This consultation focuses on your predictive work, not as a forgone conclusion but rather as described in Bernadette Brady’s books,  ‘The Eagle and the Lark’, as well as her work in Complexity Science, Astrology, a place in Chaos. In this consultation Darrelyn considers that the future is not yet formed and by understanding the season and patterns of your life, you can make choices today that can shape tomorrow.

Using the predictive tools of Fidaria, the Secondary Progressed Lunation Cycle, transits and Secondary Progressions, this consultation looks at where you are at with your life now, where you want to go in the future and what you still want to achieve for yourself, and the best ways of accomplishing that.


Your Booking

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